Welcome to Colibro! Each of the apps in your account function independently, so navigating between them is slightly different than what you may be used to with other platforms. Navigating between apps is easy and will be reminiscent of using a mobile device such as a phone.


All Colibro apps share the same header. You can open the app drawer by clicking the app switcher icon in the top left corner. From here, simply select the app you wish to navigate to.





When you first log into your account you will be taken to the home page. You can view all the apps available to you here and navigate to them by click on each square.

Add New Client

Adding a new client in Colibro is easy. To start, navigate to the Clients app. Read more

Invite User

Team members in your organization need to use Colibro? No problem. Adding users to your account is a breeze. Read more

Taxes Set Up

To add a tax you frequently use, navigate to the Settings app and select the Taxes menu option to set up your account’s taxes. Read more