Users in your account can have permissions set on a per app basis. This gives you fine grained control of who has access to what. To manage user permissions, navigate to the Settings app [Navigation tutorial] and click on Users.

Under the ACTIVE USERS tab you will find a list of all the people who have access to your account. Users’ app level access is displayed under the APPS column. As you roll your mouse over each user, you see the Permissions and Delete options. Click on the Permissions option to open a pop up which lets you change that user’s permissions.


user permissions


In this pop up you can grant and revoke user access to apps entirely. You also have the ability to choose the level of access a user will have if they are granted access to an app.

Note* Due to the nature of the platform, access to data from some applications is necessary for functionality. For example, you can remove user access to the Clients app, and that user will no longer be able to navigate to or access the Clients app. However, if that user has access to Invoices, they will be able to see a list of clients in the Add Invoice screen. This is because the client is a required field for an Invoice.

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