Team members in your organization need to use Colibro? No problem. Adding users to your account is a breeze. Navigate to the Settings app [Click here if you need help navigating between apps] and click on the Users menu item to get to the User Management screen.




Click the ADD USER button in the top right corner to bring up the new user pop-over. Add the new user’s email so that they may receive an invitation to join your Colibro account. Next, select which apps you would like the user to have access to, and what roles you’d like them to have in each app (if applicable). Then just click the INVITE button to send out the invite.

You can see all invited users under the INVITES tab on the User Management page, from there you can also revoke or resend invites to users. Once a user accepts your account invitation, they will appear under the ACTIVE USERS tab.

Now that you’ve invited your team members, make sure to complete your account’s [company profile] and [taxes] to get the most out of the Colibro platform.

User Permissions Management

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Taxes Set Up

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