If you have a large set of clients to add, there is no easier method than the Colibro Clients import feature. In this tutorial we will walk through the simple 4 step process.


import clients


  1. Prepare contacts. You can use a multitude of sources for your clients import, however, for best results we recommend you use our standardized template which can be downloaded on the Import Clients -> Upload file page. Remember, your list of clients must be in CSV format. If you need more help setting up the file for your import refer to the File Format section below or contact us.
  2. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you move on to the second step where you can make sure that the headings in your CSV file match the client fields in the Clients app. Colibro will try and select your closest matching columns. If you would like to alter the mapping, you can go through the list and select the best column option per field.
  3. Once you’ve paired your headings to Colibro Clients fields, you can see a preview of the full list of clients you are importing. Rows highlighted in red will not be imported since they are missing required fields. Please not that if you have two contacts that are part of the same organization, both contacts should be defined on individual rows. Once an organization is created, all additional contacts with the same organization name will be added to the first.
  4. That’s it! Review the summary of your import procedure and return to the Clients app home page to view your list of imported clients.


File Format

The client list must be in the CSV file format and should not be longer than 1000 rows or larger than 2MB. The first line of  your CSV file should contain as many of the headings listed below as possible. Items marked with a * are required fields for you import file.

Heading Description
Organization  The name of the organization. If left blank, the contact’s first and last names will be used.
FirstName * First name of contact.
LastName Last name of contact.
Email Email of contact.
Phone Primary phone number for contact.
Phone2 Secondary phone number for contact.
Address First address line of client.
Address2 Second address line of client.
City The city the client is in.
State The state or province the client is in.
Country The country the client is in.
PostalCode  The ZIP or postal code for the client’s address.
Currency  The 3 letter currency code for this client. (eg. USD)
Notes  Any additional notes or info for this client.

Add New Client

Adding a new client in Colibro is easy. To start, navigate to the Clients app. Read more