Adding a new client in Colibro is easy. To start, navigate to the Clients app. [Click here if you need help navigating between apps.]. On the Clients’ landing page, click the () blue plus button in the top right corner. [Follow this guide if you want to learn about importing multiple clients].




Fill out the form with your client’s organization information and your list of contacts there. If the client is a sole proprietorship with no organization name, you may leave the organization field blank and just fill out the contact’s first and last name which will be used as the organization name. You can also add multiple points of contact for each client. However, you must select one as the default contact for the client.




Save the form and you will have created your client. Review the client page to make sure all the info entered is correct.

Import Clients

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Invite User

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Taxes Set Up

To add a tax you frequently use, navigate to the Settings app and select the Taxes menu option to set up your account’s taxes. Read more