Today we are happy to announce a new application which focuses on helping freelancers and independent contractors secure more work. Colibro Opportunities is a job search engine catering to contract and part-time workers.

After talking to our customers we realized one of their biggest concerns is securing more work. This is especially true if they are just starting out. Leaving the security of a full time job means that you are no longer guaranteed to have steady work. This can be a nerve wrecking experience for many people as they may not be used to looking for and securing their own means of work.

There are a lot of freelancer job platforms out there; Open Marketplaces, Vetted Marketplaces, Job Boards, Mini Services, and Human Intelligence Tasks. Depending on your trade, it can take the better part of a morning to sift through each platform, identify relevant opportunities and apply for them. This is where Colibro Opportunities comes in.

Find Opportunities

Colibro Opportunities

We have created this free app to let freelancers more quickly sort through potential opportunities. Thus, allowing them to get back to executing projects.

There are currently about a dozen sources and the job pool sits at around 1300. Therefore, no matter what kind of work you do you, you are bound to find an opportunity to secure a project. We are adding more sources weekly so the number of opportunities is sure to grow.

Get Job Notifications

You can also conveniently set up a daily notification email with your personalized filters. This means that every day that we find opportunities for you, you will get them first thing in the morning while having your coffee.

Colibro Opportunities notification email

Save Time

The goal was to alleviate at least a small step of the job / prospect searching workflow that freelancers go through on a daily basis. If we can shave even 5 minutes off your daily routine where you would visit several job platforms looking for jobs, that would amount to a whopping 21 hours per year saved.

So go ahead and give it a try. Are the job postings relevant and of good quality for your field, would you recommend we add a source? Drop us a line info@colibro.com. We’d love to know what you think of it.

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