The weather might still be cold, but we just released a new feature which makes us all warm and cozy on the inside. It is now super easy to convert your time sheets into invoices.

Summing up your time and sending off an invoice takes less time than checking if the weather is finally going to let up tomorrow, here’s how:

Log into invoices app and click the create new invoice button. Select a client whom you wish to bill. Select a job if applicable, and scroll down to just below the line items table. Click on the link that says “Import Time”. (If you do not see the link, make sure that your account has the Time app enabled and you have permission to access the app.)

The popup will let you filter down your time entries by job, date and user. Check off specific time entries or select all for a breezy experience. Once you’ve selected the time entries you wish to import, choose a billable item to import them under. If you don’t have an appropriate billable item, no worries, select “Add New Billable Item” and fill out the form.

You can import time entries multiple times in order to be more specific with your rates. For example, if you completed some consulting hours as well as some execution hours for a client. You can bill accordingly per task.

Finally, choose if you want to import each time entry as a separate line item or as a single item summarizing all the hours.

Import that time and your invoice is ready to go! Now you too can get that warm feeling inside knowing that you’ve billed your client and will soon get paid.

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