Some people are chaotically creative. Others need discipline. If you’re the second type, Kenzi Wood knows your pain. Here’s how she did it:

  • E-mail. Two daily periods: one in the morning, one in the afternoon. The rest of the day forget about it.
  • Work time = meat of the day. Kenzi also divides it into two 2-hour blocks. What is essential is not the quantity, though. Find out what time of day (or night) you’re most productive. Do the best you in that time bracket!
  • Education, AKA Freelancers got to stay current. She sets aside 30 minutes a day. Why don’t you try that?
  • Exercise. Kenzi likes yoga in the morning, gym in the evening. Maybe she’s onto something wit that twice-a-day routine. You’re freelancer now so you got the time to give it a go, too.
  • Breaks. Twice a day, right? She says her breaks are scheduled but fun.

Treat yourself to some structure this week. Find out more:

5 essential daily tasks for every freelancer – By Kenzi Wood | Aug 23, 2018