“I want to speak with the manager!” The man seemed upset… As a freelancer, now you are the manager. How to deal with that?

  • Always Be Professional. The trick is to take some time before you answer an angry mail. Reply when you feel calm.
  • Clients can be vague when they want a job done. This gives them a chance to complain when the result is not as they imagined. Make it a rule that you both agree on the finished product and sign it into the contract.
  • Keep all written correspondence and documents. It will serve as a back-up in case of misunderstandings.
  • Listen to your clients’ concerns and acknowledge them. People like to feel that they matter.
  • Choose your words and your tone. Even if a client is rude, avoid escalating. It can ruin your reputation.
  • If their personality is not the right fit, it’s OK to end the deal. But try and do it on good terms.

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