Today is a great day because I found shortcuts to being confident. Client late on payments? Send them a reminder. But first, treat yourself to a quick self-esteem boost:

  • Deprogram, not re-program, your brain. When you first started walking you were one self-assured baby. Then society crapped on that and now you’re an insecure adult. Ignore criticism and find that baby confidence again.
  • A simple truth is the base of a person’s confidence. You must decide if it will come from you. You’ll be the source. You’ll control it. Not your parents, not your clients, not the director of your favourite¬†superheroes franchise. You.
  • Do you know what reframing is? Not taking bad events personally. Client yells at you? He probably had a bad day. Nothing to do with you. There.
  • If you project yourself as an expert, people will see you as an expert. Thank the¬†“halo effect” for that.
  • What’s “reality” anyway? Steve Jobs thought it is what you make out of your life.
  • And remember, you can’t kill negative thoughts right away. Soften them up first. Like metal for molding.

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