It was all news to me, but apparently freelancers are so invested in their clients that they forget about their main employee – themselves. You gotta keep that one happy the way Google execs keep theirs happy. Here’s what they do:

  • Play. Inspiration often strikes when you’re having fun.
  • Health. Google has on-site gyms. OK, but you can walk or jog, too. It’s free. It’s healthy.
  • Sleep. Cats do it. Dogs do it. Google has nap pods, because closing your eyes is too 1973, I guess. Just pull the curtains. Close your eyes for 20 minutes. It’s tried and true for refreshing your mind.
  • Goals. Excuse the philosophical turn of events here, but to feel happy you need goals. That’s why companies like Google have vision and mission statements. Mission tells in a sentence how you do what you do. Vision tells why you do it. Figure out yours. Have a guiding light.
  • Environments. Google lets their employees choose the setting they want to work in. They had to construct “campuses” for that. You can go to the park, library, coworking space. The world is your “campus”.
  • Food. Hard to beat because you still have to buy and cook your food. But what you can steal from Google is the idea of serving light, energizing food. You can do lots of cooking one day and divide the food into single packs to last you for weeks.

Add all of the above and you have your own company culture. Neat, right?

6 Things to Steal from Google to Improve your Freelance Company Culture – By Andrew Carter | Aug 28, 2018