Today, we have solid advice from Harold Kilpatrick. He distills some common sense on how to avoid scammers when looking for work online.

  • You have an anti-virus, but do you know what VPN is? It’s a software that hides your IP address, in other words, get it if you want privacy in the Internet jungle.
  • Scammers will scam. It’s what they do. Your job is to know it and avoid rookie mistakes, such as paying deposits to land a job or doing work for free because you were asked for “samples”.
  • You control your privacy by choosing not to overshare personal info with your clients. Do they really need more than your name and PayPal?

For more technical nitty-gritty, go to the article:

How to keep your personal information secure as a freelancer – By Harold Kilpatrick | Aug 30, 2018