Serenity Later, Confidence Now!

Today is a great day because I found shortcuts to being confident. Client late on payments? Send them a reminder.…

Surviving difficult clients

“I want to speak with the manager!” The man seemed upset… As a freelancer, now you are the manager. How to deal with that?

Self-employed? Make your own company culture

It was all news to me, but apparently freelancers are so invested in their clients that they forget about their…

From Cash Drought to Cash Flow

The beat you deliver your finished work is pretty fly for a freelance guy. The beat clients pay for it…

Freelancers and Online Safety

Some common sense on how to avoid scammers when looking for work online.

The twice a day routine

Some people are chaotically creative. Others need discipline. If you’re the second type, Kenzi Wood knows your pain.

Don’t read and forget

Goldfish have a short memory. Here’s how to be better than a goldfish.

3 Marketing lessons from P90X

Michael Katz loves P90X. And he wants you to love it, too. Not because he wants you to get in…